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GOTS Certified

GOTS is the "Global Organic Textile Standard" certificate recognized as the worldwide standard for organic cotton. Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers can become GOTS Certified. That's great news for us, because SilverSmart uses 100% organic cotton fabric. GOTS limits the use of chemical input during the production process of textiles, protecting the environment and driving sustainability.

Yes to Organic

After visiting a conventional cotton farm and seeing people exposed to harmful chemicals, we declared to go organic. Keeping farmers and their families safe will always be a priority to us, along with keeping America safe from inhaling pesticides from the fibers of a mask. Organic Fabric is less irritating to skin, breathable, comfortable, and naturally wicks away moisture- which helps control "maskne".

Wicking and Water Repellent

Our plant based water repellent solution is organic, and helps to repel any droplets that hit the surface of the mask. Each mask has an exponentially longer use-life thanks to a water repellent coating that keeps droplets from hanging around. Our masks are washable and reusable up to 20x.

Our Story



This virus does not differentiate by geography, gender, age, faith, or race. If you’re a human on this planet, you’re at risk.

We know first hand.

Friends. Family members. We know countless people who’ve contracted COVID.

And we’ve had enough.

We’re out to help everyone stay safe, even as the vaccines make progress.


We’ve worked in the apparel industry for decades. We know how it works. We’ve tapped our network of suppliers and distributors, scientists and virologists to bring to market the mask we all need—safely and affordably.

We’re glad you’re with us. Let’s get you masked up.

Stay safe,

Team SilverSmart